Sep 28, 2014

Tupperware Stock Clearance: Bowl/Plate/Canister/Crystalwave

Prism Bowl 3.5L
Offer by LS: RM45.00

Blossom Serving Platter 600ml with Spoon
Retail: RM52.00
Offer by LS: RM33.00

New Gen Crystalwave Soup Mug
Retail: RM22.30
Offer by LS: RM15.00

Blue Canister Set (1.1L, 1.7L & 2.4L)
Retail: RM84.50
Offer by LS: RM48.00

Twinkle Feeding Bowl 430ml
Retail: RM14.50
Offer by LS: RM10.00

Mini Bowls (2) 250ml
(Colour: Green / Purple / Orange / Pink / Peach)
Retail: RM18.00
Offer by LS: RM12.00 per set

 Modular Colander with Seal
Retail: RM49.80
Offer by LS: RM28.00
Blossom Microwaveable Bowl 600ml (4)
Retail: RM35.60
Offer by LS: RM28.00

Blossom Microwaveable Plates (4)
Retail: RM46.80
Offer by LS: RM35.00

Twinkle Easy Grip Bowl240ml
Twinkle Hang On Spoon

Retail: RM15.40
Offer by LS: RM12.00
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