Feb 29, 2012

Kutu Tupperware : FreezerMate!! 4 orang sahaja [Payment Completed! TQ]

Kutu untuk Freeze A Way Set - Only RM200
FreezerMate Small II(2) 650ml
FreezerMate Small III(4) 1L
FreezerMate Medium I(2) 550ml
FreezerMate Medium II(3) 1.5L
FreezerMate Medium III(2) 2.3L

Retail: RM336.00
+ Mystery Gift

First come first serve!, email me at lestary.station@gmail.com or just use the feedback form in this blog. TQVM

RM50 for 4 months. Payment start end of this month (November 2011).

1. Pn. Rosniza (Nov2011-paid - item delivered, Dec2011-paid, Jan2012-paid, Feb2012-paid) - TQ
2. Pn. Ruhana (Nov2011-paid, Dec2011-paid - item delivered, Jan2012-paid, Feb2012-paid) - TQ
3. Pn. Fawanie (Nov2011-paid, Dec2011-paid, Jan2012-paid - item delivered, Feb2012-paid , ) - TQ
4. Pn. Rohaizah (Nov2011-paid, Dec2011-paid, Jan2012-paid, Feb2012-paid - item delivered) - TQ

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